Beuceron - Pastor de Beauce

The Beauce Sheepdog
Article extracted from News Molossos Magazine (June 2001)

Its standard in 5 points:

Male: from 65 to 75 cm

Female: from 61 to 68 cm

Head: Long, chiseled head with a flat skull and slightly marked stop. The muzzle should be neither thin nor pointed, with dark eyes and high - implanted ears.

Body: Slightly superior in length than in height, well developed chest, straight back and well defined withers, slightly sloping hindquarters.

Coat: short, thick on the body, 3 to 4 cm long, stripes on its croup and belly. Grey thick undercoat.

Colors: Black and tan, some white hairs on the chest are tolerated, harlequin (grey, black and tan)

Destined to protect the herd from wolves, this working dog bred in France has become a solid shepherd with the passing of time. The reason for this breed to have been baptized Beauceron is not surely due to the fact that it was originated in Beauce (a region in France) but simply because at that time a breed had to come from a specific area in France and not be called simply French. In the same way as nougat bars came from Montelimar and the China came from Limoges, this shepherd dog had to have a definite place of origin. The region of Beauce was subsequently chosen for it. There is not much precise information about its origins. What we are sure of is that the skills this breed possesses for sheepherding were cultivated since a very early stage.

Great capacity to adapt

It was previously used as police dog (1910). The Beauce Sheepdog possesses a real working potential. Its successes at shows since the ´50s and the beginning of the ´70s confirm this fact.

On the other hand, the Beauce Sheepdog has profited from the new popularity of dog sports.

Nobody would have betted on its success at Agility Trials, where it got the following results: it met the difficult challenge of competing against a Border Collie for the World Championship of this discipline in1998, while it came 7th at the World Championship in 1999. There is proof of equal aptitudes for searching for people trapped under debris. This is a beautiful demonstration of its capacity to adapt.

Small outcomes of exportation:

The Beauce Sheepdog has a great amount of advantages, with amazing exportation results. In France it is one of the top ten most popular breeds. The British ignore it, just like the Americans. Belgium has been the exception with 500 births per year. They are bred in around a dozen countries where there are approximately 100 births a year. This is not a lot compared to the career breeds like the Pirinnean Mountain Dog or the Flanders Cattle dog have made.

Faithful and virile
Monoblock. The Beauce Sheepdog is in fact an attentive, tender and docile dog, very close to its owner, really close. Women appreciate it and there are many of them who raise and train this breed. Under its rather rough appearance there is quite a refined breed. It is more complex than what we can see. The Beauce Sheepdog will appeal to those who have a refined psychological sense. Great friend of the children, they will not hesitate in showing their affection, even to the point of becoming frolicky. That is one of the few things we might reproach it with. It will keep watch; on the other hand it will not have lost its skills oriented towards a selection based on a docile temper which has not erased its guarding temper. As faithful as it was when the breed was first created.