Beuceron - Pastor de Beauce

The Beauce Sheepdog – Shepherd and guardian dog.
Article published in Dogs Off the Lead Magazine (Chiens sans Laisse, France, September 1998)

How to choose
The parents:
Besides the physical characteristics that dog shows select according to the standard by awarding prizes and titles to those the breed’s Kennel Club supervises, there are psychological characteristics which are the most important ones when we are to share our home with a dog for 10 to 15 years.

In general you will not see its father, which is a Sire and lives with another breeder. About him you will only be able to learn the results he has got at Beauty and Working Shows. Luckily, things are different when it comes to its mother as she has a stronger influence than the father on the puppies´ temper, being as she is a model for her litter to imitate. On no account should a puppy which comes from a timid or aggressive mother be accepted and when choosing in the puppies´ playground, never take the one which hides in the corner.  

The puppy:

What is needed above all is a steady – tempered Beauce Sheepdog, then it should also be energetic and inquisitive if you want him to practise sports. There are hundreds of different tests, like asking the breeder to place the puppies one by one in an unfamiliar environment and stimulate them with a toy or the noise made by two empty plastic bottles. The puppy that manages to overcome its fear and marches happily towards somebody it does not know will generally be a good specimen.

How to train it:

All training starts with the mother. The young dog must immediately learn some rules to live in society. We must choose methods based on the pleasure of simple training such as coming when called, sitting down, lying down, walking on a lead. A young Beauce Sheepdog will understand what is expected of him in the street if one will indulge its natural curiosity by letting it off the lead in those places where he might be out of danger, to allow him to move freely.
When the dog approaches adulthood it becomes gentler in its movements but now a certain firmer hand must be exercised towards him to ensure obedience. This is the attitude that must prevail from now onwards either to make of it a companion or a sports dog.

This must be emphasized by exercises such as banning of certain areas in the home (bedrooms, sofas), by touching his bowl with your hands while he is eating or by turning him over its back twice or three times a day, etc.


It is very frequently found, mostly with bitches as dogs are not so tightly bound to their owners, that certain dogs simply cannot stand parting form their masters, not even for a few minutes. This parting anxiety is created by the way in which it has been raised, frequently when it is treated as a child. The young dog must be gradually taught to remain on its own for longer periods of time without becoming anxious.


This concerns human beings of all categories (adults and children) the dog is not acquainted with and also other specimens of its own breed or any other breed. It is when the puppy learns to live contentedly with others, above all if contact with him has never been of a disagreeable nature. Think about going out with him and letting him come into contact with everybody. Beauce Sheepdogs do not have an aggressive nature but it is better to train it by letting it play with other puppies and stable adult dogs.


The ideal master

He should be a person who will not exert too much pressure on his dog but who considers it companion either to share games or to spend time together. He should be neither too strict nor too permissive, as this dog will learn any task connected to dog sports, even the most competitive, and make an excellent companion at home. It possesses inborn guarding skills and it has enough self control not to turn into a dangerous animal, by barking and by means of its impressive size and attitude.
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