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 “How did you carry out your breeding schedule?”

Marita “The bases for my kennel was centered on a dog which in my opinion has been extremely relevant in German dog breeding, KS Romo Rothenuffeln . As I wanted to soften the line a bit I decided to import two American specimens; Gr. Ch. Ruca´s Yan von Nippenburg, son to the best sire for five running years in the U.S.A.and a bitch I brought on my daughter´s request because she wanted a mate for her dog.(Her daughter Victoria, “Vicky”, is another staunch fan of the showing and breeding of this breed, with outstanding skills either as a young amateur handler and at professional shows)This bitch had in her bloodline that of KS Ybold Rothenuffeln, also descendant from Remo, which had been imported to the U.S.A. for a sum of u$a 35,000. Finally, I completed my line with two more specimens on Remo´s paternal line and on the maternal line with another great dog, Grix Rothenuffeln, incorporating through him the Czech –Austrian line, which is the most cherished one in Europe. This is where Dinara(Happy) and Einer(Schummy), both purchased at Von der Assebürg kennel, descend from, too.    

 “This is where Enzo comes from?( Enzo von Marienkamp, which came out Kurzhaar Number 1 in the F.C.A. Ranking, 1999)”

Marita “Yes, with Enzo I partially reached the goal of my kennel. On his paternal line he is purely German and through his American mother, descendant from KS Ybold Rothnuffeln, having been selected out of three large litter , let´s make this clear, a process which took a period of three long years. But I am as happy with Enzo as I am with Ch. Ario (Yani) von Frey Wald. With an American father and a German mother, since his debut he has always come 1st Excellent in all  Fieldwork Trials and he has already and he has already been awarded two CACIT. Besides he became Argentine Beauty Champion, which was awarded by an Italian judge.
(According to FCI regulations, and with the aim of keeping the primary instincts of the animal, it is a necesary requirement to at least be awarded a “Good” in Fieldwork  Trials to be able to confirm their CACIB. Working dogs need a “Very Good” in Beauty to confirm their CACIT)
(Marita shows us pictures from a German magazine where a Kurzhaar is carrying out what is known as pattern where the animals work in pairs, one of them is pointing and the other one stays behind while giving support. In the next picture, a Kurzhaar is sitting next to a fallen deer while making its typical howl by means of which it tells its owner the exact position where the piece is. While we share a “mate” we let Marita enjoy a couple of bitter sips while we talk to Decio who, besides being a dog handler of different breeds, is a guard dog trainer.)

 “Decio, please tell me a bit about the achievements of Von Marienkamp Kennel at shows”

 Decio“To begin with I would like to praise Marita´s zeal and her dream. She is striving to reach a balance within the specimens of the breed. This is the reason why she has imported animals from the best blood lines in the U.S.A. and Germany. A dog that would do as well at a show as it does in the field. This is an issue that, I tell you, is a very difficult thing to achieve because when you show a working dog, from a pure German origin, at a beauty show, it looks in comparison to the others as a kind of “ugly duckling”: On the other hand if you take an American dog to the country, it will probably not perform so well. This is the great division we are working with. And there is also the question of who is judging. And there is where we value our achievements the most. Enzo had already come Number 1 of the breed in Fieldwork and Runner – up in Group VII, it being an honor to come second after Mr Gerardo Paolucci´s Irish Setter Bitch, winner of the Group. Finny was the best bitch of the year, another specimen from our kennel. Enzo has eventually lost to his own brother Eniak, from the same litter. Enzo also won a specialized show judged by Humberto Pasos, who is a well – known authority in the breed. This year Enzo started his campaign only in July and he has already won two Groups and come Fifth of Show judged by Mrs Liliane de Ridder from Belgium. He also won the Limited of Group 7 judged by Mr Mauricio Dalbon (former president of F.C.A. and great connoisseur all hunting dogs)      

 “Marita; Have you sold any of your specimens abroad?”

Marita” Yes, for instance to Uruguay. One of them is an expert hunter, Ch Br. Urug and Arg. I have sold to Brazi, Houiston (U.S.A.) and France. Last July Astro, son to our Ch Alexander von Marienkamp, who was at the time one year and four months and five  months old Natalie, daughter to Ch Ario, were sent to Chile. Astro became Chilean Champion at the SICALAM 2000 and Natalie has been chosen Second AbsoluteBest Pup of Show. It fills me with satisfaction when dogs born at our kennel get international acknowledgement, it gives me strength to continue. On the other hand, as you can see, I am extremely selective and strict as regards my dogs: I am also so with the people I give my puppies to or in the case of hunters, they must be real hunters, those to take care and appreciate the work of their dogs and not a predator who would only care for the number of pieces he puts in his bag. I want to point out that none of our achievements would have been possible had it not been for the invaluable help of our handler Decio, our Field Instructor, Mr Rafael Digiano, our Kennel Manager, Alicia Flores and my daughter Victoria (the youngest of the Marita´s six daughters. R.N.)   

Before the interview was over, all of Decio´s feelings and love for animals flowed when he referred to the common mishaps hunting dogs face:
Decio “Unfortunately hunting dogs are not treated with the respect they deserve as living creatures. They are generally confined to the back yard and chained throughout the months when hunting is out of season. Then if they get scared or do not fulfil their function effectively, they are sometimes even discarded We cannot ask them to perform wonders when they haven´t had the necessary training or respect. Even when hunting is out of season we can take our dogs to the field to get some exercise, to hedge and to help them get used to the noise of a gun shot. Some very primitive people take a puppy and  they fire their guns a couple of times to see if it gets scared. They do this with a poppy that has never been to the field or that has never been in contact with a loud explosion on its back!”
Decio finally concluded “we must aim at getting an animal with a nervous balance. If we achieve this, we will find ourselves enjoying the company of a beautiful dog.”

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